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Vertical in Line Pump

LVI pumps are non-self priming, single-stage, vertical in-line, close- coupled type centrifugal pumps having radial suction and radial discharge port. Vertical in line pump is designed for non explosive liquids which are clean, and thin without any solid particles. A viscous liquid affects the pump performance in the following ways.

  • The power consumption of the pump will increase with increase in viscosity. This will require a larger motor for the pump.
  • Head, discharge & pump efficiency will reduce.
  • The volute casing of Vertical in line pump is designed to be robust in construction to take the undue stresses offered by the pipe work. They have a radial suction port and radial discharge port. Standard flanges are PN 16 as per EN 1092-2 and PN 25 as per DIN standard EN 1092-2. ANSI 125 and ANSI 250 as per ASME B16.1 are available on request. The volute casing of Vertical in line pump is provided with a priming & drain hole closed by plugs. The impellers are closed impellers with extra smooth surface finish and machined completely from outside to ensure high efficiency. The direction of rotation of impeller is clock wise when viewed from the motor driving end. They are dynamically balanced to grade 6.3 of ISO 1940. All impellers of Vertical in line pump can be trimmed to adopt them for the duty point requested by the custome